I am told I need surgery. What next?

After conducting a physical exam and reviewing the imaging, and after a thorough discussion as a team with Dr. Faulkner or Cara, it may be determined that your best option to help you reach your goals is surgery. If this is the case, there will be several important tasks that need to be completed before having your surgery.

  • Imaging

  • Insurance Approval

  • Scheduling Surgery

  • Preoperative Evaluation

  • Preop Appointment


  • If you are having a total shoulder arthroplasty, Dr. Faulkner would like you to obtain a CT scan of your shoulder from which he will determine the appropriate implants and often create a custom guide for your shoulder.
  • If you are having a hip arthroscopy, Dr. Faulkner would like you to obtain either a CT scan or MRI with 3-dimensional modeling to better visualize the bony anatomy and for preoperative planning. He will review the imaging with you at your preoperative appointment.