Dr. Faulkner's Patient Testimonials

Barbara Stertz - Shoulder Replacement

Barb Lyon - Partial Knee Replacement

It's been a long, humbling journey but I feel my legs are in the best shape they've been in years. I want to thank you for the phenomenal work you performed on my knee, you can't tell I had surgery by looking at it and I bounced back quicker then I expected. You're a master of your craft. Definitely a team effort with you, Cara and my physical therapists and I couldn't have done it without you guys.

Charles F.

ACL Reconstruction

Hello! My name is Jodaun Dotson and I had the honor of being named Team Captain of the Aurora Rangeview Basketball team that won 2019 Colorado State Championship. After the season, I went to Colorado Orthopedic Consultants to see what was causing some pain in my hip. After consultation with Dr. Faulkner, it was clear that surgery was needed. Dr. Faulkner and his staff were fantastic throughout the entire procedure and my family couldn't have been more pleased with the results of the surgery and the care we received. As a young athlete, it's scary to go under the knife, but their attention to detail and clear explanations of what I could expect made me confident that they'd have me back on track to resume competing in the sport I love in no time. The surgery (hip arthroscopy and labral repair) went well. Dr. Faulkner was able to clean up the area and repair the damage, and at this point, I have no pain and am back to running, jumping, and cutting like before. I highly recommend Dr. Faulkner and his staff at Colorado Orthopedic Consultants!

Jodaun Dotson

Hip arthroscopy and labral repair

I was referred to Dr. Faulkner by my general doctor and I am so glad she made this recommendation. It was discovered I had a 270 degree SLAP injury but surgery was postponed by a little over two months due to the COVID outbreak.

My surgery went without a hitch and my recovery time was ahead by 4-6 weeks. I had no problems out of surgery and was out of the sling in a week. The pain was tolerable and I was off of the “hard” medicine within 3 days. Oh by the way my age is not that young; I am 57 years old and I had this quick recovery which I attribute to the doctor’s skills.

I would recommend Dr. Faulkner not only because of his great surgical skills, he has an amazing positive attitude and always has a smile.

Doug Loos

shoulder arthroscopy, labral repair, biceps tenodesis

I have been a patient of Dr. Faulkner for over 10 years. He and Cara Cohn, PA , got me ready for my recent shoulder surgery (shoulder replacement), which was very successful, and they got me through my recovery process. They did a great job and I am very thankful. They are highly recommended.


anatomic total shoulder replacement

Dr. Faulkner performed meniscus repair on both my legs. He was thorough, patient and highly knowledgeable. After both procedures he followed up with calls and e-mails explaining the outcome in detail with pictures.
Fantastic man and a fantastic doctor, I would recommend him to family and friends!

Karen Sadayan

meniscus repairs on both knees

Hi, I’m Janine and I met Dr. Faulkner after a rotator cuff injury (three tears and a detached bicep muscle). Dr. Faulkner and his staff were incredibly personable and professional. The surgery was 100% successful. The rehab that Dr. Faulkner had me follow resulted in total use and function of my shoulder.
I totally recommend Dr. Faulkner.


Rotator cuff repair and biceps tenodesis

March 2019, Dr. Faulkner performed a total right shoulder replacement on me when I was 69 years old. Three months later I was fly fishing Gunnison Gorge and four months after surgery I was back to playing golf. Dr. Faulkner was very caring and always gave his full attention to me on my visits. He did a great job on my shoulder and if I need more orthopedic help in the future I will definitely go to Dr. Faulkner. I highly recommend him and his office personnel.

Ron S

anatomic total shoulder replacement

In May of 2019 Dr. Faulkner performed a total reverse shoulder replacement on my right shoulder. Every step from initial MRI, through CT scan, surgery, and physical therapy was handled with clear professionalism, patience, and good humor. Options were clearly stated, questions were answered in non and pro medical speak, and sometimes repeated with no impatience. Dr. Faulkner and his entire team greeted you with genuine good humor and care. The shoulder, a year out is, 95% and improving. Thank you, Dr. Faulkner, for everything.

David J.

reverse total shoulder replacement

In meeting Dr. Faulkner you are immediately put at ease. I had a lot of questions about a full shoulder replacement and he took the time to answer them all in a way I was able to understand. His staff was also extremely helpful throughout my whole procedure especially Kamie.

Dr. Faulkner came highly recommended by two of my friends and I would surely highly recommend him also.

I am back to using my shoulder doing everything that I had done previous to my shoulder problems. Actually I forget that I ever needed and that I ever had a complete shoulder replacement surgery. THANK YOU DR. FAULKNER."

Audrey D.

Anatomic total shoulder replacement

I was involved in a motorcycle accident and Dr. Faulkner performed surgery to repair a broken arm and broken leg. The injuries were pretty dramatic but he did an excellent job of repairing the limbs. I am anticipating total recovery because of his knowledge and surgery skills. I can recommend him without any reservations!


Dr. Faulkner is amazing. From the first time I met him he was truly concerned about my care. I fractured my knee cap and he fixed it. You can hardly see where the incision was. His staff is also very friendly and they are right there for you.


ORIF patella

The level of care I received from Dr. Faulkner was stupendous. Even with a 2nd ACL reconstruction…Thank you for an incredible outcome and getting me back to doing what I love!

Cyrus Pearo - Cyclist

ACL reconstruction

Hey Dr. Faulkner! 16 months post ACL surgery and I am an Ironman! Knee felt great the entire day. Thanks for fixing me!

Eric Nielson - IRONMAN

ACL reconstruction

Dr Faulkner is an amazing & professional doctor. I underwent surgery for a torn rotary cup & he clarified specific details so I could comprehend everything. He takes the time to listen to your concerns which leaves you feeling positive with the care you will obtain. He’s very knowledge in the medical treatments confirming his understanding of your current circumstance(s). Due to his surgical abilities, I was able to attend physical therapy for 3 mo instead of 6 mo! Thank you for everything!

LJ Dixon

shoulder arthroscopy and rotator cuff repair

Dr. Faulkner performed surgery on my shoulder in mid 2018 where he repaired 90% of my shoulder’s labrum. Being 43 years old, doing a ton of research on this type of surgery where a labrum was that torn, I had my doubts that I would ever be able to make a full recovery. Because of Dr. Faulkner’s great work, not only was I able to make a full recovery, but I came out stronger than before. After following the Dr.’s orders and doing my my rehab religiously, I now hold the US National Record for Deadlifting and sit 3rd in the world for my age and weight class. This would not be possible without Dr. Faulkner’s skillset during my surgery. In addition, Dr. Faulkner is such a great, caring doctor and I truly believe that he finds joy in helping people heal and reach their full potential by living injury free.

Gregory Wyatt

shoulder arthroscopy and labral repair

Dr. Faulkner is a wonderful, warm and caring human being and an amazing surgeon.  He performed a proximal humerus bone (shattered shoulder and broken humerus) surgery on me that took 3 of what I imagine were very laborious hours.  After placing a titanium plate and 9 screws in my shoulder, I could not be happier with the results. I have complete use of my arm. Prior to Dr. Faulkner's surgery, I was afraid I might not have use of my arm at all. He and his team could not have been more professional, attentive, and expert in providing care and treatment for me. This includes his office staff. 

Cheryl Elston

ORIF proximal humerus fracture

After injuring my ACL and meniscus for the third time, I went to see Dr. Faulkner who additionally diagnosed laxity in the Anterolateral Ligament (ALL) of my left knee. Dr Faulkner is one of the few surgeons in the region that can do ALL repairs. Immediately after recovering from the surgery I could tell that there was more stability in my left knee than there had been in a long time. Even though it was a very complex surgery I recovered with strength and full range of motion very quickly. I am back to running daily without any pain or swelling and I plan to ski this season.

Alan B.

Revision ACL reconstruction

I broke my arm flying off my road bike at 20mph on 6/15/19.  I had a 3 part proximal humerus fracture. (The ball of the shoulder was broken in half and the ball was broken off the top of the humerus bone) Dr Faulkner did my surgery on 6/20/19.  He told me I may never swim again, that I may be in chronic pain, and my arm would not ever be the same. I am a 2x Ironman triathlete so hearing this was very disappointing.  Well I am a Christian and I had a lot of people praying for me.  I have a plate and 9 screws in my arm. But with an excellent surgeon (which is critical for this type of fracture), and excellent PT and putting in a lot of hard work, and a lot of prayer, I am completely healed.  I should also mention I never had any nerve damage which can happen with this type of fracture. I was swimming 10 weeks after surgery. I was running shortly after that. With the help of my PT I was lifting weights and swimming 3 times/week for rehab. My arm is actually stronger now post fracture and surgery than it was before.  I am riding my bike again as well.  I would 100% recommend Dr Faulkner for this type of fracture repair. It will take a TON of hard work to get yourself back to normal but you can if you don't give up and believe you can be 100% again.

Neelia Miller

ORIF proximal humerus fracture

After nearly a year of trying to figure out what was going on with my body, I was finally referred to see Dr. Faulkner and Cara... and they had all the answers! I underwent a hip arthroscopy to fix my FAI and labrum. I'm only 4 months out of surgery, but am already enjoying being pain-free and more mobile!

Nancy A.

hip arthroscopy, CAM and subspine decompression, labral repair

I came to Dr. Faulkner after having unexplained, severe shoulder pain for quite some time. I was incredibly pleased with how he cared for me, from initial consultation to diagnosis and finally through a posterior labral repair surgery. I have to say, I was nervous to undergo the procedure, but his professionalism and extensive knowledge led to reassurance with the whole process. I was provided with realistic expectations and all of my questions were answered, knowing that recovery would take some time. After 6 months post-surgery, I can say that I regained full mobility of my shoulder which I haven't had for years. My successful surgery and recovery were all thanks to Dr. Faulkner and his entire team. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome or a more skilled surgeon.